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 Hand Crafted Mausoleums

Westchester Memorials stands alone with the ability to design, build and install family estate mausoleums at prices you will not find anywhere else. We know all steps from initial design of the mausoleum to the final landscaping and everything in between. We can even help work with you in finding the perfect cemetery property. 
    From the first call you will know that you have found the right company. Allow us to take the worry out of choosing the right cemetery building. We will help you and make this an easy process for you and your family. We have mausoleums for single crypt entombment up to multiple crypt walk in private family mausoleums.

We can also help in selecting a granite columbarium. Multi niche granite columbaria are gaining popularity around the country for their ease and reasonable cost. Please let us help you in choosing the right columbarium for your family estate, church or cemetery.

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Shown Above: November 2008
Finishing the roof on a 6 crypt walk in mausoleum in Gate of Heaven cemetery.
Valhalla N.Y.

Our mausoleums are all custom made and hand crafted per order.

Since we are one of the largest monument dealers in New York state, we are able to make the un affordable quite affordable.  Due to our tremendous buying power and the gift of quality craftsmanship, we are able to pass the savings on to you.

Give us the oppurtunity to quote you a price on what you desire.

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